What to do when in Vegas.

This desert jewel lies bare like a wondering far-reaching oasis which you can almost get to. Las Vegas shimmers as dust clouds dance alluring all in hope of fortune and an invite to a private party on the strip. There are all sorts of folk throwing their way through casinos, shopping malls, bars and clubs. There’s a vibrancy to Vegas even when you just stand still and calmly take it all in.

All hedonistic pleasures start at The Strip, the heart and soul of Las Vegas. This glittering 6.8 km boulevard is lined with hotels, casinos, bars, nightclubs, theatres and more. You can catch a show at Mandalay Bay or walk the vibrant streets up to The Fountains of Bellagio. From high rollers to Elvis styled weddings, there’s only one rule on the streets, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

The Fountains of Bellagio attracts some of the largest crowds on The Strip. A spectacular choreography of water dancing to music and lights provides visitors with a free show that is never repeated. Each show is different and planned with precision synchronised timing Vegas style.

The Vegas skyline is dominated by the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Sin City. What makes this tower so special is that there are 4 rides for the thrill-seekers of all types. You can join Sky Jump Las Vegas 350m on top the tower to skydive from or just dangle. Your choice!

The lights in Vegas are kept on by the Hoover Dam. You can tour the dam with many different tour operators who’ll take you through its long deep history. Built by thousands of workers during the recession, Hoover Dam became an engineering and American marvel and a lifeline to Vegas’s huge appetite for power. Nearly a million people tour the dam every year making it a popular tourist attraction.

There can be no Vegas without a sign to welcome you. The ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign is without a doubt the world’s most recognisable and has become a tourist hotspot. Designed by Betty Willis in 1959 the sign is a great spot for selfie-takers and for group pics to lay your claim as the one who visited Vegas.

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