Travelling after the pandemic

Table mountain as the backdrop to the city of Cape Town

Cape Town Sunset

Travelling is more than experiencing a place we’re visiting. It’s about connecting with new people, exploring new cultures, and meeting new friends. Travel is a mixture of emotions and experiences. It can be an adventure, a learning opportunity, or both. It motivates you to live more than your daily routine. It can get you out of the city on a date with your lover or friends. Travelling will change how you see the world and open its doors to new opportunities.

There are many reasons why people go on vacation to a different place. Some choose to escape everyday life and stress, while others do it for fun and relaxation. But whatever your reason is, one thing remains true: you want to travel.


Traveling after the Pandemic- Covid 19

The Pandemic has transformed the world of travel. At the peak of the Pandemic, traveling ceased as International borders closed and canceled flights. Global Tourism Organization stated that 100% of destinations implemented travel restrictions. 

Tourism Council and World Travel, established various protocols for Airlines, shops, and hotels. Now in traveling, there is a must-use of masks. Infrared and thermal scanners are now installed at different places. 

Today, many countries are emerging from lockdown. And the world’s largest industry which accounts for almost 10% of world GDP, is now looking towards the new normal. It’s a welcome sight to see many travelers dreaming about beaches and mountains again as they were stuck in their homes for months.

Travel Restrictions in South Africa eased.

In South Africa, travel is opening up after Covid-19. If a family has traveled to one of the three African countries where the outbreak was most severe or at risk. So, they must still be careful and stay healthy while traveling. There is no limit on how many travelers can visit other countries as long as they put into effect that:

  1. Weigh your luggage
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Cover your mouth while coughing
  4. Don’t touch your face
  5. Call ahead of time for pickup
  6. Stay away from crowds.


Best destinations to travel in South Africa

Have you missed the Pandemic? And want to go on a trip or travel around a beautiful environment. Then you are just in the right place!!! This blog will tell you about South Africa’s most beautiful places. And how you can make your trip memorable.

Where to go in South Africa? Look no further; we’ll tell you where the most beautiful adventurous destinations in South Africa are.

Why should you visit South Africa?

South Africa offers you a wide range of options to plan the most adventurous and memorable trip for you. There are several popular destinations that you can visit in South Africa. Such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria, Stellenbosch, etc…



Best Places to visit in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is said to be the city of Fashion, the city at the heart of nature. With approximately 5 million populaces, it is among South Africa’s largest cities. It offers much to discover in the country’s economic center: great Malls, Restaurants, and Nightlife. A beautiful landscape surrounds it.

A great way to see Johannesburg is by car. How about a drive over the iconic bridge known as “Nelson Mandela Bridge”? This architectural landmark leads to the colorful districts of New Town, which is near the central business district.


Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market is a trendy place where you can get every possible type of food. There is no better way to start the weekend than at Neighbourgoods Market. A place where you get every type of Johannesburg meat every Saturday. There are many different things to try here. Neighbourgoods Market has a little something for everyone.


Apartheid Museum

The 1970s marked the beginning of the end of apartheid. Johannesburg played a significant role in that period. Thirty years later, South Africa even has their fifth black president. This Apartheid museum shows the awe-inspiring history of the country. Absorbing and quite an emotional shock for all who visited the apartheid museum is a must-see. This Museum presents history in a contemporary and inspiring way. Museum used various media to tell the story of apartheid and democracy’s road to freedom. It also has unique rooms dedicated to the 1976 Soweto uprisings and Nelson Mandela.


Maropeng Museum

Innovating and interactive, Maropeng Museum is a national treasure. Let your curiosity get the better of you and go back in time. This Museum is located in the Cradle of Humankind near the Sterkfontein Caves. Be sure to get the kids on the underground tugboat ride, where they find many showcased items.

Johannesburg is home to a variety of shopping destinations. We can find both local and international clients. It delivers when it comes to shopping opportunities. Big Malls featuring every high street brand imaginable are right next to small local boutiques as worthy of your attention.




44 Stanley

You can visit many places in Johannesburg, but 44 Stanley is a hidden treasure. Located in the heart of Johannesburg, 44 Stanley is one of its best-kept secrets. 44 Stanley is a former industrial area. It has a variety of places that excites. The area has 25 specialty boutiques, restaurants, and design studios.


South African Breweries

South African Breweries is among the most prestigious breweries on the continent. The process here starts with brewing the hops. It is the only place in South Africa besides George where hops are grown.

The traditional beer of Johannesburg is onboard tea. Tasting this famous tasty beer is an essential part of the tour.


Market Theater

The Market Theater is one of Johannesburg’s most famous theatres. Theatrical history is infused into the theatre. Grammy and Tony award-winning musicals like Serafina have graced the stage. You will find this theatre in the middle of the Newtown cultural precinct. Its stages have seen South Africa’s most famous actors, so book in advance for a glorious evening out.


Signature Restaurant

The signature restaurant is one of the city’s most trendy and exclusive. But what fascinates me more is the live band game to enjoy. The signature restaurant has an international kitchen of which they are proud. Their cuisine has a creative interpretation. It is one of the most exciting places in Sandton. It offers a unique mix of comfort and sophistication. You can enjoy the magnificent sunsets through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

South Africa is famous for its dramatic landscapes and swooping vistas. An exciting way to see this is through a hot-air balloon. A balloon ride is a great way to see the African wilderness from above, as there is no distraction from engine noise. The experience of drifty where the wind takes you is unique.

There is something about Johannesburg that makes you want to stay. Like the beautiful people and incredible sights.


Cape Town

Why Visit Cape Town

One of the most multicultural capital in the world is colourful Cape Town. Situated on South Africa’s Cape Peninsula, the city is the second largest in the country. Spectacular mountains are tumbling towards the sea where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. In Cape Town, there are a variety of things we can explore. But one of Cape Town’s most significant benefits is the nature that surrounds it. It would help if you climbed up Table Mountain as it provides a spectacular view of the city. They also have a cable car if hiking isn’t for you. Up here, you can also see the iconic layer of clouds covering the mountain’s peak. 

Lion’s Head Mountain

Another great hike is the lion’s head mountain. If you time it right, the Sun will set as you reach the peak. It’s one of the most rewarding hikes around. 

Bow caps adorn a colorful neighborhood in the city. Each hose has a unique color. This place is a photographer’s dream. You can go there and discover on your own. Even the residents give you free walking tours, from which you will learn more. 

Cape Town surrounds by beautiful beaches. But, one of the best for catching some waves is Llandudno Beach. It’s a small spot and an excellent place for a chill. If you are not interested in water sports, you can always have fun playing at the shoreline. 


Travel to Cape of Good Hope

We have a couple of recommendations if you are looking for a great memorable day trip. The first is to drive from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope. It is considered one of the most splendid drives as there is so much to experience. Take the Chapman’s peak route. Your First stop should be Hout Bay. There is a lookout point where you can see the entire Bay.

Further down, you will reach Nord Hurich beach. It is a massive beach with incredible white sand. It will be super windy here, but an excellent place to stop for a nice view. You will come across Table Mountain National Park. It is a beautiful area preserved with natural beauty. When you reach the Cape of Good Hope, you will have completed one of the best days of traveling.

Kirsten Bosch Garden

If you don’t have time for a full-day trip, we have you covered. Check out Kirsten Bosch Garden. On the slopes of Table Mountain, it is considered one of the world’s best botanical gardens. Walk along the overhead canopy walkaway for the best experience with stunning views.

Kayaking with Dolphins

Another Great Experience you can have is Kayaking with Dolphins. For this epic adventure, you have to leave from Victoria and Albert waterfront. There is no guarantee you will see dolphins. 


Why Visit Bloemfontein

The city of Bloemfontein is one of the three capitals of South Africa. It is the city of roses. The city of splendor in the province is known for its dry landscape. It is the most popular stop for ones traveling from Johannesburg to the cave. Besides, it serves as the nation’s judicial capital. The city offers a comfortable and peaceable regime which is an escape from typical bustling South African cities. With several graceful museums, the historical buildings capture the essence of country history.


Port Elizabeth

The city of Port Elizabeth is located on the southeast coast of South Africa. It is famous for its friendly atmosphere. Here the locals are very relaxed, and they welcome vacationers. A bustling coastal city with sunny shores, Port Elizabeth has a relaxed coastal vibe tempered by a thriving metropolis. The drive into the city is remarkable, with splendid sights of white sand seashores. In addition to having the best summer weather in the world, this region is known as the water sports capital of South Africa. Great beaches are the reason tourists love to visit here. 



Pretoria is laying 50 Km from Johannesburg, South Africa’s undivided capital. It is an attractive place to travel from its luxuriant roads that align with the enchanting old construction to its multicultural populations. There are many museums in South Africa that display various cultures and people.

Jacaranda trees line the streets in early summer in Pretoria, giving it the name Jacaranda city. In addition to many embassies, museums, and monuments, it is home to many international embassies. Here the weather is slightly warmer.


You can visit many more places when you arrive in South Africa. This blog shows that something here makes you want to stay here for a long time. When someone arrives in South Africa as a tourist, they don’t want to leave. The friendly people and breathtaking scenery didn’t allow you to return to your respective countries.


Are you planning to visit South Africa now???


Where you should travel local after the lockdown

The South African rand is at an all-time low and that’s great news for visitors coming into the country and not forgetting our local exporters of all our great wine, fruits and nuts. These are exceptional times we are living in with a national lockdown extended to the end of April, there’s no telling what we could expect thereafter. One thing is for sure it will take us some time to get the South African economy back into full swing.

This lockdown has no doubt stretched our imagination into keeping ourselves busy and the children occupied. I’m sure there are hundreds of places you could be than just in one place every day for 5 weeks. We often think about all the great destinations we’d like to visit internationally and strike it off our bucket list. But we at Low Price Flights thought we’d put together our very own bucket list for after the lockdown and we thought we’d keep it local to Sunny South Africa.

It would do our local economy good, keep airlines in the skies and stimulate the tourism industry with our much needed Rands. Besides over 16 million international tourists seem to think it’s a good idea visiting South Africa. So whether you drive from George to Joburg or fly from Cape Town to Durban, let’s explore the most amazing attractions locally.


Named the ‘City of Gold’ after the discovery of this rare precious metal in 1884, Johannesburg as it became known later, thrived into a vibrant metropolis. Gold is not the only thing the city became famous for, it also became home to the largest man-made forest in the world. Today ‘Joburg’ as it is commonly known, is residence to over 4.4 million people and is the economic and cultural hub of Africa. The new modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere lends itself perfectly to the arts and cultural district of Maboneng. A creative hub, a place of inspiration and business, restaurants, pubs, bars, street cafés and entertainment. Take a deep dive into the past with a visit to the Apartheid Museum and Vilakazi Street in the South Western Townships, commonly known as Soweto. And if it’s glitz and glamour you’re after, then the Sandton nightlife scene has all there is to offer.

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Cape Town

This is the oldest European establishment in South Africa and one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is often referred to as the Mother City. Cape Town enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with its spectacular natural setting, white sand beaches, picturesque mountain views and vibrant cosmopolitan culture. Glide up on the cableway to the flattened mountain top of Table Mountain or take the hour-long hike up Lion’s head. Visit its most popular spot, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront where you can feast of some of the finest food served by world-class chefs, shop and be entertained. Take a trip down an unforgettable past on Robin Island and explore its many stories and a trip to the Cape Malay Quarters will yield a colourful tapestry of culture, wine and fine food. And while we’re on the subject of wine, the Cape is renowned for producing the world’s finest wines and these can be sampled on ‘The Wine Route’ a very popular tour as one can imagine.

Cape Town was named World Design Capital for 2014 and in the same year, both The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph named Cape Town the best place in the world to visit.

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This sub-tropical spot is situated alongside the warm Bengeula current on the east coast of South Africa. It’s the warm current together with its tropical climate that makes Durban warm all year round with little or no sight of winter. It’s Summer all year round. This makes it perfect to enjoy the long golden sandy beaches with its multitude of attractions and African markets along its coastline. Try a visit to uShaka Marine World with a shark tank dive or snorkelling with tropical fish. Or take to the beaches with swimmers and surfers or huddle along the pier with anglers trying to get their best catch of the day. Durban offers world-class venues like the Moses Mabhida Stadium where you can get a birds-eye view of Durban on top of its arch and if you feel a little lucky, then make your way to Suncoast Casino with its flamboyant nightlife and restaurants. If you feel like spending your money elsewhere then The Gateway Theatre of Shopping, the largest mall in Durban and one of the biggest in South Africa offer plenty of choice for the discerning eye.

Durban also forms an excellent base if you a trip to the Drakensburg and Shakaland and Zulu culture day trip.

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Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is the oldest and biggest park in South Africa covering some 20 000km2 making it the same size as Israel and that’s huge! You’ll need several days to explore all of the park in the hope of seeing the big 5. Kruger is home to more than 145 mammal species including the big 5 which is named so because they are the 5 most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Although, no hunting is permitted on the park! Here you will find lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo making up the big 5 and others like hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, warthog and many antelope species. There are 101 ways to explore the park with its dizzy array of paths that cross over each other but you can opt for a luxury lodge with private safari rides or even a hot air balloon. The park has more to offer other than wildlife, it is home to Bushman rock art and many archaeological sites like the reconstructed Iron Age ruins of the Masorini Village. While there are many guided game drive tours, a self-drive game tour is highly recommended on the famous Sabie and Crocodile river routes where you also likely to catch sight of many species of birds.

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Sun City

Sun City sometimes called the Lost City, is a luxurious resort complex with Casinos, golf courses, luxury hotels, family entertainment and more. This resort was imagined by the hotel magnate, Sol Kerzner who dreamed of an ancient kingdom and lost tribe that lived in the legendary ‘lost city’. The resort was built in the depths of an extinct volcano in the Pilanesberg mountain range. There are two internationally acclaimed golf courses both designed by golfing legend Gary Player and one is host to the annual Million Dollar Nedbank Golf Challenge and the more scenic Lost City golf has become famous for the 40 or more crocodiles visiting the 13th hole. The Sun City Resort boasts one the best gaming entertainment facilities in South Africa with an impressive array of slots machines and over 40 tables to choose from. And if this is not for you, you can choose from many bars, restaurants and clubs or just go watch a movie. Children have a large choice of arcade games to keep them busy. However, the most famous attraction is a man-made beach with white sands and a wave pool that can generate waves up to 2m high hundreds of kilometres away from the natural ocean. It’s just one of the great attractions with rides, slides and food court.

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Travel lockdown in South Africa

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday made a historic announcement to approve a countrywide lockdown which will result in only certain sectors of businesses can remain operational.
The president said: “All shops and businesses will be closed, except for pharmacies, laboratories, banks, essential financial and payment services, including the JSE, supermarkets, petrol stations and health care providers.”
“Companies that are essential to the production and transportation of food, basic goods and medical supplies will remain open. We will publish a full list of the categories of businesses that should remain open.”
According to the president, the following service sectors will need to be operational during the lockdown:

Essential services
1. Electricity – constant electricity supply without load shedding
Public companies and private organisations, their employees and suppliers that are essential to the generation, transmission and distribution of power will continue to work as normal.  This is to include municipalities, suppliers of logistics, feedstock and maintenance crew are all required to continue to work and provide security of electricity supply. 
2. Water and sanitation
Public companies and private organisations, their employees and suppliers critical to the safety of water supply in bulk, potable drinking water and sanitation must continue to work to provide critical water and sanitation services.  Municipalities are also included alongside those who are involved in the supply of materials, chemicals and equipment. 
3. ICT Infrastructure
The president said they have engaged extensively with the ICT sector and are convinced that the networks will be stable during this lockdown cycle. It is during this time that ICT industry collaboration will be critical to secure that the public remains connected and serviceable. The sector includes: data centres, fibre optic providers, towers and antennae will continue to operate at full capacity.
The industry leaders will cooperate and use various data points to provide prognostic insights into the spread and impact gesture of the pandemic which will give the South African government and the public’s ability to be aggressive in measures that flatten the curve and social and economic impact of the virus.  ​
Social media platforms will allow people to remain connected as these platforms are critical to the circulation of up-to-date information. However, all South Africans are reminded that online security is important and to be attentive to cybercriminals who will during this period try to exploit any unsuspecting individuals. 

Protecting our healthcare system
President Ramaphosa said, “This nationwide lockdown will be accompanied by a public health management programme which will significantly increase screening, testing, contact tracing and medical management”.
This indicates that neighbourhood health workers can focus on screening more people and testing for the Covid-19 in high-density, high-risk areas.
To ensure hospitals can cope with the influx of patients and are not overwhelmed, a Centralised Patient Management System for severe to critical cases of Covid-19 will also be take effect. Mild cases of the virus will receive Decentralised Primary Care.
Informal settlements and rural areas will be provided with emergency water supplies, using storage tanks, water tanks, boreholes and communal standpipes so that people have access to clean water to maintain good hygiene.

Travel restrictions
The president has tightened on some travel measures whilst there were already restrictions in place for travellers coming in and going out of the country.
South African traveller that arrive into the country will automatically have into isolation for a 14-day quarantine period.
It is with great regret that international travellers coming in from high-risk counties will not be allowed into the country.
Those travellers who landed from high-risk countries after 9 March are to be isolated to their hotel room for a 14-day quarantine period.

Economic relief
The president restated and emphasised the drastic impact Covid-19 will have on the economy, which could cause the loss of many 1000’s of jobs and may even lead to the closure of businesses.
Ramaphosa announced an economic plan to help soften the impact on South Africa against the virus. There will be a solidarity fund to support people whose lives have been severely disrupted by the virus.
The fund is already active and anyone can contribute cash to
The government has also pledged to assist small businesses in the informal sector who will suffer from the lockdown with a safety net fund.
Ramaphosa said, “To alleviate congestion at payment points, old-age pensions and disability grants will be available for collection from 30 and 31 March 2020, while other categories of grants will be available for collection from 1 April 2020”.

Flights cancelled
Comair will suspend all Kulula and British Airways flights in South Africa from 26 March. 
The shut down comes as part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decree to put the country in lockdown from Thursday. Comair employees will stay at home from 27 March to 17 April and will resume duty from 19 April. Comair will do its best to accommodate customers who are wanting to travel over the next two days and seats will be subject to availability.
Passengers can change to travel dates for free if they wish to do so and only a fare difference may apply. Passengers can cancel their flight and will get a credit to the value of their flight valid for 12 months. For more information on their commercial policy, please visit their websites, or

SAA suspends all international flights
South African Airways (SAA) has immediately suspended all international flights until 31 May 2020 in response to the travel ban.
There has been a substantial decline in demand for air travel and the situation has caused many airlines across the world to cancel flights. SAA will only operate on its regional and domestic routes.
SAA operates in three markets that are listed in the travel ban as high-risk countries. These are Washington DC and New York, JFK, London, Heathrow and Frankfurt and Munich. SAA operates flights to Perth and São Paulo which have not been declared high-risk.  All of these flights are now cancelled. 

UAE suspends flights
Emirates Airlines has announced it will temporarily suspend all passenger and transit flights. The decision will take effect in 48 hours of which cargo and emergency evacuation flights would be exempt.
Emirates will continue flights to South Africa, the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, the US and Canada. The country has also stopped granting visas on arrival and forbidden foreigners (who are legal residents who are outside the country) from returning.

SA Express to suspend operations
As of 18 March, SA Express has suspended all operations indefinitely as a result of the operational challenges including the Covid-19 outbreak. Passengers with confirmed flight bookings will be accommodated on alternative flight arrangements while non-essential staff will placed on compulsory leave. The airline said it will use this period to review and streamline operations for improved efficiency.

Airlink changes
Airlink has amended its flight schedule to comply to the South African’s new travel ban and Covid-19 outbreak.
Airlink’s changes are automatically done in the reservations system. All passengers to check their flight details using the ‘Manage My Booking’ function on Airlink’s website or through their travel agents. 
Passengers with tickets between 18 March and 30 September 2020 can make changes to their travel dates. Airlink will facilitate one free date change to their reservation.

Worldwide flight restrictions
Here are some of the changes that are happening globally to the airline industry.
Algeria announced on Monday a suspension of all scheduled flights with Europe.
Austria Airlines said that it will suspend all of its flights from Thursday due to a sharp drop in demand as a result of the Covid 19 virus. 
British Airways and Spanish aircraft Iberia will reduce flight capacity by 75% between April and May.
Portugal will close its border with Spain for a month and that includes suspending air travel. 
France will reduce long-distance train schedules, bus and plane travel only a few international flights will be maintained – including to the US and Africa.

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