Why France is the World’s Top Tourist Destination


Europe’s top tourist destination is also the world’s most visited country and this may come as no surprise to many when they discover that it is France. With 89 million visitors a year, France comes out tops above Spain which is in second place with 82 million visitors. The USA comes in at number 3 with 78 million tourists. So, despite a few uncertain years, France is once again the world’s number 1 tourist hot spot. So, why are people from all over the world attracted to France specifically. 89 Million people made it their holiday destination of choice so there must be a lot going for it. Let’s get into it and discover all of France’s charm and mystique that makes it so popular.



Paris street cafés and restaurants

There really is not much more that you can say about the most charming and romantic city in the world. Paris takes your breath away with it’s enchanting buildings, chic cafés and alluring art galleries which there are plentiful off, captivating both your heart and soul. Seek your thrills by climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower or make sure you get in with the locals at one of the many bars and enjoy a Pasti, Parisian Style.

Low Flight Price’s top tips for visiting Paris. Skip the Eiffel Tower for now and climb to the top of Paris at the Montparnasse Tower. Here you will find short lines and the views are much better and they include the Eiffel Tower as well. When visiting the Palace of Versailles it will serve you well to book online for the guided tour of the King’s apartment. You will be able to go straight into the palace avoiding the queues. The King’s apartment is a separate tour from the rest and can only be viewed by booking online. However, it is a more expensive add-on than your regular priced ticket.


The landscapes are breath-taking


The French Countryside, beaches and mountains offer tourists an all in one package when it comes to its natural beauty. The French scenery is diverse with the sparkling coastlines of the French Riviera, old harbour towns of Normandy, the snow-capped mountains of the Alps and the patchy fields of the Loire Valley. And if you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you can find this very appealing as you won’t have to choose between a mountain or the ocean You can have both in France. This gives you real value for money making your holiday all the better. Best you have your camera with you – the photo opportunities will be the envy of Instagram.


There is history all round


France has its history written all over in every corner. The country has witnessed numerous empires rise and fall and republics crush oppositions to their rule. There’s been bloody revolutions with the fight taken to every street corner. The Loire Valley is a must see with its legions of castles stoically sitting behind perfectly manicured gardens. Incredible replicas of cave paintings can be seen if you head down to the Dordogne region of the pre-historic paintings of Lascaux. Or you can see the real thing in Font-de-Gaume if you book early. In Provins you find a beautiful old town to the south-east of Paris or Bayeax in Normandy. In the blog we’ll share some of our favourite villages in France.


It’s all in the Architecture

French castle with a french chateau and some flowers

Where-ever your eye goes, you cannot escape the sublime French architecture. You’ll discover it in cathedrals like Notre Dame de Paris, Notre Dame de Strasbourg and more, abbeys like Abbaye de Sénanque in Provence and Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, medieval market halls like that of Dives-Sur-Mer on Normandy and Roman temples and amphitheatres like the Maison Carrée in Nîmes. But there’s also typical architecture in the regions such as timbered houses of Normandy’s coast. Check out the traditional Basque architecture of the French Basque Country. Buildings all across France are full of incredible diversity.


The cuisine is mouth-watering


If you haven’t eaten French food, you are missing out on the best cuisine in the world. You should definitely try French cuisine at its best especially in every region of France. Each region is known for its own gastronomic delight. As you travel across France, you are bound to find food you have never discovered before. Enjoy the feast of confit de canard, rillettes, beef bourguignon and much more. And remember to drink a glass of Bordeaux every time you eat on a fresh baguette with stinky cheese.


Get to a wine tasting


French wine is world renowned to suit all tastes and can pair perfectly with any French cuisine. So, whether you are a beginner, a connoisseur or just your average wine lover who enjoys a fine glass or two, France has something for you. Discover the finest and most delicious wines in your travels by visiting the famous vineyards of Bordeaux, the terroirs of Burgundy and the bistros in Paris. You can explore some vineyards by golf cart and even organise a picnic on others surrounded by beautiful nature. When you visit Paris make sure you visit O Chateau, a wine bar and restaurant which is highly recommended. AT 68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, it’s a short walk from the Louvre museum.


Sexy Beaches

French Riviera

France has two great coastlines: the beautiful Atlantic and the Mediterranean coastlines. Many of which were made famous by great artists in paintings of years gone by. Make sure you spend a day or two at the beach if you’re visiting between late spring and early fall. Normandy and Brittany are great Atlantic beaches for the summer months. It’s too cold and windy before June and after September. However, the French Riviera will be warm in late April through to early October.


44 unesco world heritage sites

castle mont saint michel

UNESCO World Heritage sites include forts, castles, religious buildings, medieval towns and landscapes all of which are spread throughout France. These 44 sites all over France are a big draw card for tourist. We are concentrating the tours to cover the ten regions of France. For the full list, you may like to visit the UNESCO website


The French Slopes

Snow capped French Alps

The French Alps in the winter season is very popular with professionals, couples, families and novices or just groups of tourists. Every level of skill is welcome. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the experience on the Alps. Most resorts cater for all skill levels with wide open pistes on very gentle slopes. This is ideal for beginners and there’s fast-paced red runs for intermediate skiers. The pros are left to the more daring and challenging black runs. For skiers who want to go ‘off-the-beaten-track’, there’s some great off-piste areas for the adventurous. The popular resorts of Courchevel, Tignes Morzine, Chamonix and Val d’Isère are often chosen by the more experienced skiers. If you want to be guaranteed some snow, then the high altitude terrain of the ski area Les Trois Vallées is a must as it is the world’s largest connected ski area.


There’s a festival for everyone

French man and woman drinking beer at a French festival

Tourist to France will be spoilt for choice when it comes to festivals. The Carcassonne Festival of contemporary music, dance and theatre happen in the summer and attracts brilliant performers from all over the world. Performers like Elton John, Moby and Deep Purple all attended. On the little town of Menton on the French Riviera, there’s classical music under the stars. This festival takes place during July and August and is an Annual event called The Menton Music Festival. The glitz and glamour of Deauville’s American Film Festival attracts film buffs from all over. There’s a 400 seater open-air cinema on the beach at the Cabourg Film Festival which is much more low-key. However, if you’re looking for something way different, the Lemon Festival in Menton in February, or the Gypsy pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer happens in May.


Inspiration for creatives

Louvre at night

For centuries musicians, photographers, dancers, artists and journalists have found inspiration in Paris. The grand work of the mainstay of the Wisdom, the Golden and the Romantic Age, la Belle Époque or Golden Age and les Années Folles still withstands and is ever popular even today. The Enlightenment inspired the works of philosophers such as Francis Bacon, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire and Adam Smith. Victor Hugo, whose most famous novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers, were more associated with the turbulent Romantic era.  France’s ‘Golden Age’, ran from 1871 up to the beginning of 1914, the First World War. This period is often looked to as a time of prosperity and peace because it was right before World War 2, a time of terrible destruction and loss for France. The arts flourished during ‘The Beautiful Era’ (La Belle Époque) as did many theatrical, musical and artistic masterpieces gain appreciation. Many great Impressionist and post-Impressionists like:

  • Claude Monet
  • Paul Gauguin
  • Henri Matisse
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Pablo Picasso

Gained prominence in the era which saw the rising of the Eiffel Tower as a grand celebration to the 1889 World fair, the Art Nouveau movement and Moulin Rouge. As war broke out in Europe, The Golden Age came to an abrupt end and was followed by the roaring twenties (Les Années Folles). France is credited with inspiring the lost generation in writers like Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce. In modern times, France continues to inspire creative people from all over the world, like Kate Mosse, Anthony Doerr, Woody Allen and Peter May who have all used France as a setting for the works. Has France inspired you?

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