5 Things you need to know when booking airline tickets.

Everybody wants a great deal and none more than when we want to fly to our dream destination. Choosing the right airline is seldom at the forefront like the price is and maybe it should be, especially on those long-haul flights. Airlines are offering greater value and they battle it out, seat by seat, for their share of the global passenger market. So, what does a great deal look like and how should you go about getting one. Here’s the inside story:

Book your tickets in advance.

We’ve had a look at the data and the numbers tell the story. We analysed up to 3 million travel schedules for about a year and discovered that 54 days in advance was about the best time to buy tickets. Tickets get more expensive closer to the time of departure. Anything from 3 months to 30 days in advance, is a sure bet you’ll find cheaper flight tickets. Booking early also allows you to choose the really good seats especially during peak flight season. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to book a ticket.

Set an alert for low prices.

Airline flight prices are changing constantly on a daily basis. A small drop in a price could mean a huge saving for an entire family or a corporate group. Often people miss out on those rarely good price deals and find out about them when it’s already too late. Get onto lowpriceflights.co.za and subscribe to the price alert which will send you regular up-to-date prices of flights as they are released from the airlines.

Keep your options open.

Keep your travel plans fluid and flexible as this will allow you to take advantage of the low demand off-peak flight where prices are usually much lower. Flights are cheaper midweek between 10 am and 3 pm and also try flying on a public holiday which most people avoid or try flying to an alternate airport like Lanseria.

Look at low-cost airlines.

Major airlines can get you just about anywhere in the world at a considerable cost. Strip away all the frills of flying and if your destination is local, use a low-cost airline. Travelling without luggage is also a cheaper way to fly. Use different low-cost airlines. Some low-cost airlines include: FlySafair, Fly Mango and Kulula.

Private browsing.

Yes, you read right. Browse privately because every time you visit an airline booking website, your cookies and server details are stored. The moment they recognise your second visit, prices are raised. Alternatively, you can simply clear your cache or use a different computer.

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